Springboard Pilates

Springboard class is a mat-based Pilates workout that uses springs and levers attached to the wall- mounted “springboard”. This class is the perfect combo between classical mat Pilates mat & Pilates equipment training that you would find elements of in a Semi-Private or Group Reformer class. What should I expect a workout will be like?

Using the wall mounted Springs for your Arms & legs will keep your muscles under constant tension. This is like lifting weights with very little rest between exercises.

Movements will be instructed to be performed slowly, which will create intensity as well as some quivering muscles and a higher heart rate. Works each side of body separately, creating muscle balance which is critical for athletic performance and injury prevention. Your CORE will be involved in every.single.movement!

So…what are you waiting for, book a class today & fall in love with springboard Pilates! Mums & bubs welcome.

Pricing Coming Soon!

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